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Friday, 3 May 2013

Uniform Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus


On a flee market in the south of Belgium I saw a bananabox with a wooden box on top. The shape of the box could be of a bicorn. So I asked the French dealer what it was and this came out of the box. In a realy superb condition, with no moth holes, no torn cloth there was this green uniform in a museum quality.

It took me one day to find out what it was. The button was the key.

It turned out to be the uniform of the Italian Order of the Saints Maurice and Lazarus. The button was made bij A.M. & cie Paris and could be dated around 1930. So a beautiful uniform with just one thing I always encouter and that's the silk inner liner that is torn in the arm pits and cuffs.

But it is always interesting to see if there are pictures of man who wore the uniform. On a Italian forum I found this:

And an other one:
There is also a small sword to the uniform. I do not have it but it is nice to see the complete idea of the uniform.

Update: I have sold the uniform.

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