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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Postcards with a flag as sole subject

There are numerous postcards with flags but a few have the flag as it's sole subject. Sometimes there is both men and flag where this combination becomes iconic by itself. In that case the flag is a part of the picture and not a sole object. In this section only the flags as 'stand alone' are showed. At the bottom there are some postcards with the question, is it the flag or is it the man? In that case I choose for the flag.
Publisher:  Kdf-Sammlergruppen
Title:           Mit unseren fahnen ist der sieg!
Artist:         Werner von Axster-Heudtlaß (1898-1949) 

The 8 postcards are by the hand of the artist Werner von Axster-Heudtlaß. The cryptic 'Kdf.-sammlergruppen, Abgabepreis 20 Rpf.' means that the postcards where issued by the Kdf (Kraft durch Freude) organisation. Kdf was a large political organisation with the main goal to spread National Socialism to the workers. For children there was an opportunity to join together in a collectors unit (sammler-gruppen). These units could collect everything but mainly stamps. The 20 Rpf (Reichspfennig) has to be considered a 'special member' price. There is no print on the backside of the card.

Publisher:  Verlag für Traditionspflege 
Artist:         Victor Mundorff (1897-1970)

The Verlag für Traditionspflege, Berlin contracted the artist Victor Mundorff for a series of postcards. Before the second world war Victor worked at the 'Audi-Union' and made artistic impressions  and designs of motorcars. After the war he continued as a graphic designer and was a member of the famous 'Gruppe 64' at Stuttgart.

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