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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hoffmann Postcards: Compiègne

When Adolf Hitler received word from the French government that they wished to negotiate an armistice, Hitler selected Compiègne Forest near Compiègne as the site for the negotiations. As Compiègne was the site of the 1918 Armistice ending the Great War with Germany's conflict cessation, Hitler saw using this location as a supreme moment of revenge for Germany over France. Hitler decided to sign the armistice in the same rail carriage, Compiègne Wagon, where the Germans had signed the 1918 armistice. (source: Wikipedia)
Of this historic event Heinrich Hoffmann was the prime photographer. He made 15 postcards out of it with the prefix C for "Compiègne".

There is also a C 6 card with the title: "Am 21. empfing der Führer die französische Abordnung"

Hoffmann saw a glimp of the near future making Keitel a 'Generalfeldmarschall'. It is more likely that the moment Hoffmann produced the postcards Keitel had become (27 days later) actualy a Field marshal. 

Hoffmann gave Keitel the rank of Generaloberst and indeed he was at that time.


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