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Monday, 4 January 2016

Postcards 'Befreites Volk', Leopold Stocker Verlag

'Anschluss' (Annexation or Connection) was the Nazi propaganda term for the invasion and incorporation of Austria into Nazi Germany in March 1938. On 9 March 1938, in an effort to preserve Austria's independence, the Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg (1897-1977) scheduled a plebiscite on the issue of unification for 13 March. To secure a large majority in the referendum, Schuschnigg dismantled the one-party state. He agreed to legalize the Social Democrats and their trade unions in return for their support in the referendum. He also set the minimum voting age at 24 to exclude younger voters because the Nazi movement was most popular among the young. The plan backfired when it became apparent that Hitler would not stand by while Austria declared its independence by public vote. On 12 March Hitler sent in his troops. Schuschnigg was send to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and later on to Dachau wich he miraculousy survived. (source: Wikipedia)

Publisher:  Leopold Stocker Verlag
Title:           'Befreites Volk'
Artist:         Franz  Köck (1886-1975)

The 10 numbered postcards came in a folder. They where painted by the Austrian artist Franz Köck. Franz Köck was a well-known and active Austrian artist. He began his studies in Graz at the Technical Institute and later studied under Alfred Zoff and Anton Marussig. Later still he studied with Argio Orell in Triest. In 1923, he was honored with the State Gold Medal for painting. Postcard nr. 9 show Kurt Schuschnigg (with glasses) on the run. The title of card nr. 9 comes from a quote of Andreas Hofer (1767-1810). In Tyrol: Mander - 's isch Zeit!; German: Männer - es ist Zeit!; English: Boys - it's time!.

Karte Nr. 1

Der Befreier und Einiger
des deutsche Volkes

Dieses Bild ist als
Kunstblatt, 70 x 53 cm
erschienen (RM 8,--)

Karte Nr. 2

Ein Volk-Ein Reich


Karte Nr. 3

Wie danken dem Führer!


Karte Nr. 4

Die heimat frei!

Karte Nr. 5

                          Befreites, glückliches Volk!                         

Karte Nr. 6

Befreite Jugend

Karte Nr. 7

            Im Streite zur Seite ist Gott uns gestanden           

Karte Nr. 8

No title


Karte Nr. 9

Mander s'ischt Zeit!

Karte Nr. 10

Die Meckerer

Back of the postcard


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