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Friday, 14 October 2016

Civil Uniform Consul-General Model 1842 of The Netherlands/Ambtskostuum Consul-Generaal Model 1842

For over 25 years I collect civil uniforms. For two years ago I had around 60 uniforms. But there was one thing about them: the chest was not embroidered. If I showed my uniforms to a visitor he only saw 60 uniforms on row with only the cuffs and collar embroidered. That gave the visitor the idea that I had 60 identical uniforms. And he was right the fun was over for I did not have the real ones: the uniforms with the embroidered chests. So I made the decision to quit and I sold all my uniforms exept for the Inspector of Greenland. But then for some unknown reason or call it faith I was able the buy the first 'chest' at the beginning of 2016. And then it followed rapitly for an never heard of collector to me offered me 'chests' of The Netherlands. Some in a terrible shape and some in museum quality.

The Netherlands as far I can tell had 10 civil uniforms with the chest embroidered; 
  1. Civil uniform State Council, Model 1825, embroidery in silk. I can buy it but it is much to expensive for me.
  2. Civil uniform Minister, Model 1825, embroidery in gold wire, I only have a picture of it.
  3. Civil uniform State Council, Model 1842, embroidery in gold wire, Never seen it.
  4. Civil uniform Envoy, Model 1842, embroidery in gold wire, The collector is still hesitating to sell it to me.
  5. Civil uniform Consul-General, Model 1842, embroidery in silver wire, In my collection.
  6. Civil uniform Chamberlain, Model before 1852, embroidery in gold wire, In my collection.
  7. Civil uniform High Chamberlain, Grand Officer, Model before 1852, embroidery in gold wire, In my collection.
  8. Civil uniform Consul-General, Model 1908, embroidery in silver wire. In my collection.
The uniform of the High Chamberlain and Grand officer has the same design as it comes to the embroidery. But with the different branches of the Grand Officers the basic color of the uniform (black), became red with gold wire or green with silver wire. Of the red one only one exits and residates in Museum Palais Het Loo.

Here I will show you the civil uniform of the Consul-General Model 1842. It has the same embroidery as the Envoy Model 1842 but the Consul-General has silver wire and the Envoy gold wire.

But as you can see this Model 1842 differs from the general design.

The reason for this is the fact that the goverment of The Netherlands offered only the basic pattern.

So design number B. was the only thing the tailors had to work with. There was some agrement between tailors how to use the basic pattern. But that general design was not obligated by law. If some Consul-General had more or less money to spent it had his influence on the design. So if you ever encounter Dutch uniforms only look to the basic pattern.

The uniform is in a museum quality. But there is something else. I fit the uniform well! The Consul must be huge for his days for I am 1.85. It is the fist civil uniform I fit in 25 years.



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