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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Civil Uniform Consul-General of The Netherlands/Ambtskostuum Consul-Generaal

One of the most beautifull uniforms of the Netherlands is the model 1908 civil uniform for a Consul-General. With rich embroidery in silver wire it was only outsmarted by the obscure uniform of a member of the State Council model 1825 and model 1842. This is one of my uniforms that is brand new. Not realy but in 100 years one can not see the influence of time. With the uniform came the original bicorn. It was a kind of a sarcophagus when I opend it. The label reads Theheran wich means that the consul was stationed in Persia. The bicorn has also a spare bullions in gold. Perhaps if the owner made promotion to envoy (The Netherlands did not know ambassadors in those times). The uniform of an envoy is however less ordinated but in gold wire.

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