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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Uniform Chamberlain in Her Majesty's Civil Household of the Netherlands/Kamerheer

I allready had the uniform of the High Chamberlain but four months ago I was able to obtain the Chamberlain. Completely torn up with all the buttons missing, but strange enough the scarce epaulettes where still there. It took the full four months to restore the uniform from a disaster into a beauty.

The State Museum of Amsterdam gave me some old pictures. They are in a high resolution so one can look closely to the details.

Since I have the two uniforms now it is nice to see the uniforms together in full glory. Enjoy.

As I bought them. Note the missing cuffs of the uniform on the right and all the buttons of the left uniform.

The old original buttons I bought years ago came now at hand. The missing velvet cuffs where hidden in the secret pockets of the tail of the jacket.

I could borrow the original Chamberlain Key from a collector to make the scene complete.

The uniforms in action during the crowing of Queen Juliana in 1948. It was the last moment in history the uniforms where actualy in use. Still they are never abolished by law and can be worn today although no Chamberlain does.

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